Spoon sweet bergamot

Handmade spoon sweet with Bergamot from Iamvi


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Iamvi, the daughter of God Pan, was the one who with her jokes gave the goddess Dimitra the smile that had disappeared with the disappearance of her daughter Persephone. Together with Dimitra’s smile, fertility and creation returned to the earth. It is this delight that gives each glass of IAMVI a lover of sweets with the best selection of Achaea land. The exquisite raw material and the application of traditional recipes guarantees the sweet bergamot the 3 stars of the Great Taste Award 2018. The sweet bergamot of IAMVI with the yellow orange color brings the intense and strongly  aroma of the citrus family and the bittersweet taste. The yogurt fits perfectly with its texture and syrup, ice cream, cakes, sweet breads or of course pure. A pleasure!

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460 gr

Country of origin



Vegan, Vegeterian


Bergamot 50%, Sugar, Water, Lemon Juice

Nutrition:Vegan, Vegeterian
Energy:259.41 kcal
Fats:<0.5 %
of which saturated fatty acids:<0.5 %
Carbohydrates:68.29 %
of which sugar:58.9 %
Protein:0.83 %
Salt:0.009 %


  • 2017 3* Gold – Great Taste, England
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