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Noodle specialties from goat’s milk to vegan

A secret tip among pasta noodle connoisseurs is Alexandros Gourmet. The german specialty shop offers pasta noodle that make every gourmand’s heart beat faster. The offer ranges from squid pasta to vegan. Here, the traditional is rediscovered, such as the delicious wedding Tagiatelle from a small manufactory in the Ligurian village Tinos. In addition to black tagliatelles with squid ink, there are bionoodles, pasta rice pasta – a specialty with seafood – or vegan linguine. A special specialty at Alexandros is the tagliatelle and pasta noodle range with goat’s milk and eggs. This combination is not only healthy, but also delicious. Goat’s milk contains many minerals like zinc and calcium. This is important for bone formation and strengthens the immune system. There are also plenty of vitamins such as A, C and B in the wholesome milk. Healthy and at the same time coveted among gourmets are the vegetables tagliatelles from the assortment of the online shops, which come in a visually appealing color mixture on the plate.

Noodle pasta – it could not be better!

Children love them and even adults find them irresistible: Noodle dishes are an indispensable part of home cooking and are regularly served in almost every household. Every German consumes around eight kilograms of pasta noodle per year. According to Statista, this is almost twice as much as it was some 20 years ago and a clear indication of the triumph of pasta.

It is not only tasty but also healthy thanks to its high content of protein, iron, magnesium and plenty of potassium. Noodle pasta dishes are also rich in complex carbohydrates and really give you power. These parts of starch must first be broken down by the body during digestion into its components, the sugar molecules. This makes them optimal sources of energy stored as glycogen in the liver and muscle cells. If needed, these energy depots can be retrieved at lightning speed and turn pasta into valuable muscle energy. Incidentally, pasta fans do not have to worry about getting fat because this food contains almost no fat and is absolutely no fattening. However, this does not apply to some sauces such as fatty Bolognese and cream sauce and fatty cheeses. But pasta dishes do not necessarily need rich sauces to taste good. High quality noodles are very tasty even without these high fat ingredients.

A noodle with history

Many of the specialties come directly from the land of pasta specialties – ie from Italy. The Italians are considered the inventors of spaghetti and Co. However, the Chinese claim this honor for themselves. For example, a few years ago during excavations in China, a 4000-year-old pot of noodles was found: a kind of spaghetti, but in XL, more than half a meter in length. Preservation probably looked the Italians from the Arabs. When they conquered Sicily, they familiarized the local population with the method of pasta drying. So far, fresh pasta had to be consumed immediately after production.

From Sicily, the noodle began her unstoppable triumphal procession through other European countries and also to Germany, where today’s tasty specialty is more popular among young people than ever before.

High quality pasta with eggs & milk from a small traditional manufactory in Tinos
Delicate Pasta with goat milk & eggs
Delicate pasta from Dolopia
Chilopites, Organic Pasta Vegan
Plexoudes, traditional pasta from Agrozimi
Delicate pasta speciality from Dolopia
Black gourmet pasta from Agrozimi
Traditional pasta from Agrozimi
Traditional pasta from Agrozimi
Tradional pasta from Agrozimi
Organic Cereals from Agrozimi